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Andy Larkin - Southampton


Have you considered the impact the internet has had on business, it has become a vital tool in today’s commercial world. Why?

Because it's simply about ease of use. The internet has become the modern world's reference library. Customers can order products & services from the comfort of their home or research while on the move. Did you realise over 80% of people research online before making a buying decision? This highlights that if a business does not have a web presence they are putting themselves at a severe disadvantage to their competition that do have.

That is just the start. Once a business is online they have to make sure their business is seen under the right search terms. Social media such as Facebook & Twitter are playing a large role in getting businesses found online. Then there are mobile websites specifically designed so they can be viewed and read easily through the small screen of mobile devices whilst on the move.

Have you looked at the size of the market place?

The demand for web marketing is not just aimed at small businesses. As you can see from the above, the potential for web marketing in your community is huge!

There are thousands of potential customers in your area in need of our web marketing services not only for websites but also from businesses that have existing websites that are poorly constructed or need revamping. Businesses with existing websites that require SEO to improve visitor traffic and then there is the growing phenomenon of social media which is another tool which if used correctly that can dramatically increase visitor traffic to websites.

The programs and strategies we have put together will guide you in the direction of where to find these clients, how to introduce them your product ranges and how to make your very own web marketing business a success.


To give you an idea of the size of this market place in the UK, there are 4.8 million businesses of which 95% are considered small businesses. Last year, over 423,000 new businesses opened their doors for the first time.

Recent surveys suggest only 50% of small businesses have any type of web presence. On top of that there are the many new start up businesses that will also need a web presence.

Also 45 % of internet users access the internet using smart phones or tablets as they wish to gather information while on the move & these figures are growing daily.

A survey conducted by the Federation of Small Business found that of those of their members which have websites, these companies have seen on average a 20% increase in business since establishing a web presence. Show me a small company who would not like to have an increase of 20% in business!

This market is huge and expanding all the time. As the business grows it is truly the business of the 21st century! Our franchisees certainly think so as their businesses grow year on year.

The Internet is becoming the primary way we communicate with each other. TV channels are being broadcasted online; the phone calls we make are now being handled online meaning an organisation that doesn’t have a website or a web presence is turning their back on the resource that everyone in the world will eventually use.

Many businesses do not yet understand this; they don’t understand the opportunities that a website and a solid web presence can offer them. Your role is to explain how net marketing can benefit a business, by both saving them money, making them money and saving them time!


Businesses need to promote themselves online. The Internet is taking over our lives (if it hasn’t already) and is the number one resource for sourcing information with millions of people using it daily. The growth of mobile technology means online business will only ever increase over the next few years.

Every organisation NEEDS to be online.

Consider this; a small business who advertises in daily or weekly newspapers, magazines, radio, bill boards etc, to generate business, can drastically reduce the size of their advertising spend by simply promoting their website on these mediums using less advertising space.

A website can carry far more information about the business, its services and activities along with special offers and promotions, while still getting the message over to their target audience through this medium, and opening their business up to millions of internet users. By having a simple website for their business or having an existing website well optimised so it can be found by internet users can save and make an organisation thousands!