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The training I received was very effective and in my first full month as a franchisee I sold 5 websites!

Peter Mann - Ipswich


Before we look at the cost let’s take a look at what is possible with an Activ Net Marketing franchise.

The beauty of Activ Net marketing is that it allows you to deliver a much-needed service with great earning potential. With Activ Net Marketing, as well as making money from selling websites you can also build up a residual income from monthly services and annual renewals as well as up-selling other Activ products. These other Activ products include mobile websites, email marketing, search engine optimisation and social media services amongst others. All these extra services are charged at a premium allowing you to increase your businesses turnover further.

Before we go any further we must stress that all figures / earnings discussed on this page are for illustrative purposes only and are built on very basic assumptions but they reflect the earning potential that could be possible from operating an Activ Net Marketing franchise. Please remember your earnings will be linked directly with your ability, determination and motivation to succeed, along the amount of time you have available. As these factors are outside of our control we cannot offer any guarantees as to what you will earn. However we will assist you in every way possible to reach the goals you set.

OK let’s get onto the numbers...

There are a number of revenue streams to the Activ Net Marketing program. These consist of web design, mobile specific web design, SEO, Social Media Management & email marketing. Each website customer pays an upfront fee and an annual website renewal fee (which covers hosting, domain names, basic email, minor updates etc).


  • A 3 page website costs the end customer £25 per month + build cost + VAT.
  • A brochure website costs the end customer £35  per month + build cost + VAT.
  • An online shop website costs the end customer £65 per month + build cost + VAT.

There are setup costs for each website (£50 + VAT for a 3 page website, £60.00 + VAT for a brochure website and £100 + VAT for an online shop) to come out of these figures therefore the profitability of your business will be based around how many websites you sell and whether you up sell additional Activ products with the time you have available.

Search Engine Optimisation

Creates a monthly revenue stream for your business (remember our experts do this work for you... All you need to do is explain in broad terms the strategies we undertake). SEO agreements are generally taken over a 12 month period as strategies undertaken will take time to take effect on the clients website.

Our 3 month Energizer program is designed for new websites that have been created to give them a massive boost with the search engines so your client sees what SEO can do for their website and ultimately their business. This is generally followed with the client choosing one of our 3 SEO programs.

  • Bronze SEO Program £50 + VAT per month
  • Silver SEO Program £100.00 + VAT per month
  • Gold SEO Program £150.00 + VAT per month
  • 3 Month Energizer program £225.00 + VAT (total price for 3 months work)

Social Media Management

Social media has become a main stream way of getting a website viewed on the Internet, as around half the population of the UK use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to communicate with each other. From a business prospective these platforms have become essential in getting your business seen on the internet.

We offer a social media package whereby we post regular entries on the main social media platforms designed to create visitor traffic to websites.

We charge £399 per month for this service (which is dealt with by our experts).

You as the franchisee will receive 60% of the above charges as a commission payment for the work undertaken.

  • For every 10 brochure websites you sell you would generate an upfront income of £4,999.00 with an annual residual income of £1500.00
  • For every 10 online shops you sell you would generate an upfront income of £9,999.00 with an annual residual income of £3,000.
  • For every 10 mobile websites you sell you will generate an upfront revenue of £1,690.00 with an annual risidual income of £300.00
  • For every 10 Gold SEO packages you sell you would generate £900.00 per month in residual income.
  • Don’t forget you can boost your sales further by selling additional Activ products...


Example, a customer could buy a website from you for £499, then the Activ Email Marketing tool at £250 and a Mobile website for £199 along with an Energiser SEO program for £225… meaning this one sale could be worth £993 to your business after all launch fees SEO charges etc are paid. If you did 3 of these a month your income for the year would be £35,748. To find out all about the extra services you can charge for please contact us.

Franchisees of Activ have generated income ranging from £500 in a month to over £5,000 in a month. Ask yourself how much you think you could make in a month?

We have a number of franchisees who have generated over £5,000 in a month! When you consider the franchise only costs from £3,999, this really is a great opportunity with loads of ways to generate income. To identify what you could potentially earn, please consider:

  • What time you have available
  • Your own ability
  • Your motivation
  • How many websites, SEO & social media programs you will sell
  • And other additional Activ products you could sell
  • The ongoing fees
  • The area you want to operate the franchise...

These factors will all affect your earnings. Remember just one sale could be worth £900 to your business.

There is a monthly suppotr fee payable which is waived for the first three months of your franchise period, to give you the time to get up and running. This charge covers all your ongoing training, technical support and goes towards the ongoing development of our software and evolution of our strategies.

When you contact us please let us know about your situation. You can do this by speaking to us over the phone, submitting your details through the contact form or completing a more detailed application form. Please complete the APPLICATION FORM ON THE LEFT NOW!

From just £9,995 here is what you will receive when you join Activ Net Marketing franchise:

  • An exclusive territory in which to operate your business.
  • A4 triple fold web design leaflets that can be personalised to suit your business
  • A4 triple fold SEO leaflets that can be personalised to suit your business
  • Online order forms
  • Online Specification forms
  • Online Operations Manual
  • Sales and Marketing Training
  • Technical Support
  • Video tutorial on web design
  • Video tutorial on SEO
  • Video tutorial on social media
  • Access to the forum where all our franchisees share their secrets to their success
  • Access to our web design software
  • Your very own online management system to manage your business
  • 3 month franchise development plan
  • Lead generation material
  • Regular invitations to workshops and training seminars
  • Your very own franchise mentor to assist you with your businesses every step of the way
  • Your own local website that you can design around your local business
  • Email marketing & news letter programs

Some of our franchisees have taken on larger areas and are seeing fantastic returns, if you have an area in mind why not get in touch and see if your area is available!


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