Joining Activ has changed my life/work balance for the better and I very much look forward to continuing to grow my business.

Mark Rouvray


With Activ Net marketing you can operate your business...

  • Part-time – to generate some extra income for your family or top up your pension
  • Full-time – as your main source of income
  • Entrepreneur – Build a substantial marketing company that will give you financial independence.
  • Or because you have a love for the internet and want to run your own business doing something you enjoy.


Activ Net Marketing is operated by The Bluesky Group, one of the leading online franchisors in the UK we are experts in online marketing & will provide you with...

  • A comprehensive Internet marketing program
  • The use of the very latest online & off page optimisation strategies
  • Training & support on our product portfolio
  • Ongoing help & guidance designed to assist you in growing your business
  • A proven marketing program created from our 5 years of successful trading

What do I need to do to make this business work?

  • Have a sociable disposition
  • Want to work with local businesses in your area
  • Have enthusiasm & be willing to supply lots of effort
  • Follow our expert advice & guidance
  • Have the commitment & determination to succeed

You have every chance of making an Activ Net Marketing franchise a success!

You also need to consider your own skills, ambitions and motives as all these will play an important part of making your business a success. To assist you with this we have put together a short questionnaire to hecliclp identify if you have what it takes to be successful.


Read the facts below...

  • There are around 4.8 million businesses in the UK* (*Source – 95% of these are considered small.
  • In 2012 there were 424,161 new businesses started in the UK (
  • Recent surveys have found that a staggering 50% of them don’t have any sort of website or web presence
  • A Federation of Small Business survey found that there members who had a website have seen on average a 20% increase in business since launching their website.
  • An average of 8 out of 10 people use the Internet in the UK, 50 % of the population use smart phones or tablets to access the Internet. Small business cannot afford to be invisible to these users, these are all potential clients.


Activ net marketing franchisees have built thousands of websites for a variety of organisations!

The demand for our services is not just from small businesses it stretches to charities, community organisations, local government, sports clubs etc therefore the potential market for our web services in your area is huge!

Through our support and mentoring programs we will show you proven ways of approaching potential clients in your area and give you guidance on how to explain the benefits of our Internet services to potential customers you are speaking to.

With literally thousands of potential clients in each franchise territory just acquiring a very small percentage as your customers could result in a fantastic income.


With any business this is a major factor. Without clients or customers you are never going to make any money!

This is where we come in

By joining Activ Net Marketing you will receive

  • Full sales and marketing advice on how to generate clients
  • Your own dedicated franchise development officer who will assist you in developing your business.
  • Constant ongoing training and assistance through an advanced mentoring program. This is the ongoing support that we provide constantly, including support on which businesses to approach, how to approach the business, what to do , what not to do, everything you need to make your business a success.
  • Your own local website for your area.
  • Marketing methods & material to generate leads as your business evolves.
  • Sales Methods to convert leads into clients as your business evolves.
  • All marketing material.
  • Leaflets and Booklets that you can personalise.
  • Customer agreement forms that have been designed by our legal team to ensure we comply with all relevant legislation.

The thought of running your own business can often leave even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs in a cold sweat as there are often many things to do! For many of you this is going to be your first step in business therefore it is vital you succeed and we are there to assist you every step of the way.

This franchise opportunity gives you every opportunity to build a long-term sustainable business as a franchisee of one of the UKʼs largest web marketing companies.

So if you are ready to hold the key to your own success with Activ Net marketing and feel that you could be successful in your area, then I imagine there is one burning question which you would like us to answer!